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Flighty blue ones

wonderful plumage

A pretty recent addition, but since 2018 I have been an occasional talking person on the Wizards of Drivel Podcast, and once on the YYY Files.

Oft to be found banging on idiotically about football or Harold off Neighbours or something. Fun,


I like taking pictures of birds.

You can find a sparse selection of the better ones at EyeEm


A bigger dump with all the dross is on flickr, along with pictures of broken cars


My longest held passion.


Quality over quantity at moto-scat, or actual happenings on autoshite.


You can find a full history of all my cars since 1998 at mingebagcitroens, and MPG stuff at


I don't know. look at that rabbit though!

13th June 2019: So, anyway, I have constructed a new web presence! Not for any reason other than to tie stuff together a bit really, but yes. Here it is. Welcome. Firstly, I should plug my very very excellent good lady doctor her indoors' forthcoming book, via her website The book arrives in October 2019, so if you're academically disposed and a bit flush, have at it here, and feel free to make use of the 20% off code, HUM19.

I can also direct you to Ben Rowley's blog about stammering which I've put up here because his hosting ran out.


Please also stay tuned to the Wizards of Drivel podcast, as there is an exciting new project in the offing, this very week which I'm excited and proud to be involved with.


I should shout on about Stoke here, but it's the close season and I'm knackered. So I'll save that for another day, although GOOAARRNN STOKE.



OK, carry on